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HUST Party Committee Held 2017 Democratic Life Meeting

ByChen Haiping

From:Organization Department of Party Committee

Translated by:Wei Zhinan Edited by:Ma Yanhui

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Approved by the Organization Department of the Provincial CPC Committee and the College Working Committee of the Provincial CPC Committee, on February 11th 2018 in the second conference room of the new main teaching building, HUST party committee held the 2017 democratic life meeting of the leading group at the school level. The theme of the democratic life meeting was:“to conscientiously study and understand Xi Jinping's thinking of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and firmly uphold the authority and centralized and unified leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Xi Jinping as the core, and comprehensively implement the party's various decision-making plans of 19th CPC National Congress”. Zhang Hongtao, secretary of the party committee, presided over the meeting, and the school leaders Li Dayong, Lu Yan, Guo Erjun, Yang Chun, Wang Zhihao, Fang Wenbin, and Xu Xiangchen made self-inspections respectively on the meeting. Vice President Liu Shenghui, Member of the standing Committee of the Party Committee, and Zhou Changqun, Minister of Propaganda, were present at the meeting, too. Qiu Jie, member of the College Working Committee of the Provincial CPC Committee, and Organization Minister, guided the meeting.

In order to make this democratic life meeting possible and successful, HUST party committee attached great importance to it. Before the meeting, members of the leading group of HUST made good preparations for the meeting by extensively soliciting opinions and suggestions, conducting in-depth talks, analyzing questions carefully, and writing personal self-examination materials, all of which have laid a solid foundation for the success of a good democratic life.

At the meeting, Zhang Hongtao, secretary of the party committee, informed the implementation of the rectification measures of last year’s democratic life and made a self-inspection on behalf of the school leadership. In the self-inspection, he analyzed the main problems of HUST leadership and the causes of them, and then he went on to put forward the aim to be working on as well as the related rectification measures. Subsequently, members of the school leadership made self-inspections respectively, and conducted criticism and self-criticism, which were problem-based discussions. It turned out that everyone was honest with their own disadvantages, trying to come up with a solution themselves. In a sense, criticism and self-criticism served as not only a serious ideological confrontation, but a sincere and good reminder as well, filled with democratic atmosphere. It was agreed that through the democratic life everyone further unified their thinking and knew their developmental directions completely. Thanks to the meeting, all the attendees had a better understanding of their own problems, were willing to take criticism seriously and made preparations for their own improvements.

Qiu Jie spoke highly of the democratic life meeting in the following ways: first, the preparatory work was relatively down-to-earth, and second, the self-inspection was relatively thorough and meticulous. Third, the criticism and self-criticism were carried out seriously. Fourth, rectification measures were more specific. All of these were highly targeted and specific so that the process of democratic life had become a process of identifying problems, clarifying responsibilities, and implementing them in a classified manner. He then put forward three suggestions for the thorough implementation of the requirements of the Central Committee and the provincial party committee for a good democratic life meeting. First, everyone should continue to study in depth. Second, everyone should conscientiously implement the democratic life meeting system and improve the ability of self-correction and self-motivation. Third, everyone should adhere to problem-orientation and do a good job in carrying out rectification and reform.

Finally, Zhang Hongtao, Secretary of Party Committee, made a final comment. He pointed out that Minister Qiu Jie, on behalf of the College Working Committee of the Provincial CPC Committee, fully affirmed our democratic life. He believed that the meeting was serious and pragmatic, and meanwhile, on the meeting three problems were also raised and further improvements were required during the following meetings over democratic life. He then stressed that the leading group and members of the leading group of HUST should strictly comply with the requirements of the provincial party committee, raise the awareness of self-inspection and self-criticism, as well as adhere to the problem orientation by continuing to work hard.


Qiu Jie, Member of the College Working Committee of the Provincial CPC Committee, Organization Minister, is delivering a speech at the meeting.


Zhang Hongtao, Secretary of HUST Party Committee, is presiding over the meeting.



Members of HUST leadership are conducting criticism and self-criticism.


2017 democratic life meeting is in progress.

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