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​HUST Leaders Greeted Staff on Duty During the Spring Festival

By:Duanyang From:Students Affairs Office

Translated by: Kang Xiaoyun; Edited by: Ma Yanhui

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The Spring Festival, a traditional festival of China, is well-known as a day of family reunion, but for the further development of HUST, a number of staff remained working at their posts even during this festival. On Feb. 13th, Wang Zhihao, General Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and the members of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party, visited the staff on duty and greeted them by extending his best regards for the Spring Festival. He also expressed his great thanks and admirations towards their dedications at work. Yang Zhongxue, Director of the Students Affairs Office, An Wenbin, Director of General Affairs Office, Fan Hongtao, Director of Security Office, and Cai Ye, Vice Director of the Students Affairs Office accompanied Wang Zhihao during the visit.

Wang inspected the student dormitory (3rd section), the Security Office duty room, library in the South Campus, and the Students’ Cafe in the West Campus. He checked the staff on duty by extending his best greetings and talking with them warmly, examined the operation of the facility, inquired about the arrangement of work and the students staying at school during the winter holiday. Finally, he commented by emphasizing that security and the general affairs are relevant to the daily life of all the students and faculties, therefore, attention should be attached to work regarding security to create a harmonious and safe campus.


Wang Zhihao greeting the staff on duty in student dormitory in the south campus


Wang Zhihao visiting the student dormitory in the west campus


Wang Zhihao visiting the security office in the east campus


Wang Zhihao visiting the dining hall

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