HUST Leaders Extended Regards to the Front-Line Staff on Lunar New Year’s Eve-Harbin University of Science and Technology
HUST Leaders Extended Regards to the Front-Line Staff on Lunar New Year’s Eve

ByAnonymousEdited byLiu Chang FromLogistics Management Department

Translated by Tian Xu Edited by Liu Xiuming

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On the morning of Feb. 15, 2018, before the Chinese lunar New Year’s Eve, Vice President Yang Chun, together with An Wenbin, Head of Logistics Management Department, Yuan Haibin, Secretary of Party Committee of Logistics, Yan Wufu, Deputy Director of Logistics, inspected 37 places on the west, south and east campuses, including the boiler room,the power substation, the pump room, the maintenance group, the canteen,the flower cellar and the water plant, etc. They extended their greetings and best regards to those who still work during the vacation.

In the boiler room on the west campus, Yang expressed his thanks and respects to the workers. He commented that in the past year, all staff in the logistics department successfully completed the reconstruction project of centralized-heating network and other maintenance by overcoming the financial and facility difficulties. Their dedicated working spirit guaranteed the scientific and teaching activities in the coming semester. He expressed his deep gratitude to the frontline staff and their family members and wished them a happy Chinese New Year.

Wherever he went, he talked warm-heartedly with and extended his great thanks and best wishes to the frontline staff at work during the vacation. Before leaving, he re-emphasized the importance of safety awareness in services and expected the staff in logistics management department to improve their services by ensuring all work carried out steadily.

Leaders working together with the staff in the dining hall

Leaders inspecting the heating system in the boiler room

Leaders talking with the staff in the power substation

Leaders looking around the flower cellar

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