Party Secretary Zhang Hongtao Joins HUST Leading Staff-Harbin University of Science and Technology
Party Secretary Zhang Hongtao Joins HUST Leading Staff

By:Chen Ying From:HUST CPC Publicity Department

Translated by:Wei Xutao; Edited by:Ma Yanhui

Time:2018-02-09 09:22:27 Click:2208

On the morning of February 8th, conducted by President Li Dayong, a welcoming meeting was held in Conference Room II of New Teaching Building, West Campus, to welcome ProfessorZhang Hongtao from HIT, the newly-appointed HUST CPC Secretary, to join HUST leading staff by taking office formally.

Besides the whole leading staff of HUST, the meeting was attended by Vice Minister Zhang Yilong fromProvincial Organization Ministry, Vice CPC Secretary Shen Lin from College Work Councils of Provincial CPC committee, Director Wang Zhen from the fourth Cadre Section of Provincial Organization Ministry, and Director Qiu Jie from Organization Department for College Work Councils of Provincial CPC committee.

After announcing the commission from Provincial CPC Committee on the appointment of Zhang Hongtao asHUST CPCSecretary as well as stressing that it was a resolution under overall and careful researches by leaders of Provincial CPC Committee, Vice Minister Zhang made a brief introduction to HUST CPC Secretary Zhang Hongtao by speaking highly of his virtues, abilities and achievements before. He expected him to work harder and make greater achievements in his new position.

“We encounter a great era characterized with fast development, in which both opportunities and challenges are unprecedented. As the members of HUST CPC Committee, you are supposed to keep it in mind to establish a high-level teaching-and-research university, and put your wisdom together to create a brighter future for HUST,” concluded Vice Minister Zhang.

When it came to HUST CPC Secretary Zhang to make a statement, he expressed his attitude to this appointment by saying that it was a great honor to have the opportunity to work in HUST. He remarked that HUST was a high-level university under provincial key construction program of Heilongjiang with a long history and distinctive features which had contributed so much to the regional economy and social development. He also said that he had already felt heavy burdens of responsibility and great confidence in getting into new position, and by workingtogether with other members of the leading staff, he was confident enough to lead HUST faculty members on their way to theimplementation of President Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for New Era andto the fulfillment of every mission entrusted by history.

On behalf of HUST leading staff, President Li Dayong delivered a speech to show his thanks to Provincial CPC Committee for the support and care. He believed that Party Secretary Zhang’s rich experience and working capability would be sure to benefit greatly in helping HUST achieve more in its future development. He concluded that HUST working staff would never let down the expectations from Provincial CPC Committee by doing our best in every position with firm determination to cooperate with our new Party Secretary to get familiar with his new jobs here and endeavored to make fresh progress in building HUST into a higher-leveled university!


Vice Minister Zhang announcing the commission from Provincial CPC Committee


Vice Minister Zhang making speech


Party Secretary Zhang making his inaugural address


President Li Dayong delivering his speech at the meeting


Other HUST leading staff taking the floor respectively at the meeting


The meeting in progress

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