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HUST Holds Feedback Meeting on MOE Reviewing Evaluation 2018-06-12 
The 12thNortheast China Collegiate Programming Contest an... 2018-06-12 
HUST Receives Award of Outstanding Group of 2017-2018 Hei... 2018-06-12 
Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences and HUST Co-construct Un... 2018-06-12 
Zhang Qiang Awarded “The Outstanding Writer” of Harbin ... 2018-06-12 
Professor Steven Y. Liang of Georgia Institute of Technol... 2018-06-12 
Deputy Governor Jia Yumei and Her Group Came for a Survey... 2018-06-12 
Grand Exhibition Presented by School of Art——A Set out ... 2018-06-12 
Good News! Warm Congratulations on the Historical Breakth... 2018-05-23 
Ren Jiawei, a counselor, will represent the whole provinc... 2018-05-23 
Intent of CooperationBetween HUST and Huizhou City under ... 2018-05-23 
The 9th CMC Saw HUST Competitor's Achievement 2018-05-23 
A Delegate from Heilongjiang Academy of Sciencesled by Pr... 2018-05-23 
HUST Holds “Double First-Class” Construction Promotion ... 2018-05-23 
“Being the Pilot of My Beautiful Youth” -- Red Ribbon C... 2018-05-23 
Students from College of Civil Engineering and Architectu... 2018-05-23 
Professor Xie Zhiqiang Is on the List of Excellent Member... 2018-04-27 
A New Major, New Energy Material and Devices, Is Added in... 2018-04-27 
“Employer-Employee, Two-Way Choice” Job Fair for HUST G... 2018-04-27 
HUST CPC Committee Mobilized for Provincial Inspection 2018-04-27 
HUST Initiates an Educational Reform Project in Research ... 2018-04-27 
HUST’s Self-Evaluation Reports First Draft Finished Writ... 2018-04-27 
​HUST Was AwardedNational Excellent Youth League Branch 2018-04-27 
Party Secretary Zhang Hongtao'sInauguration Took Place in... 2018-04-27 
HUST Students Attend 2018 American Mathematics Contest in... 2018-03-15 
HUST Teachers Win Funds for Special Projects of the Centr... 2018-03-15 
HUST Welcomes Dr. Liu Yixiong (Tool Material Expert) and ... 2018-03-15 
Party Secretary Zhang Hongtao Joins HUST Leading Staff 2018-03-15 
HUST Leaders Extended Regards to the Front-Line Staff on ... 2018-03-15 
​HUST Leaders Greeted Staff on Duty During the Spring Fe... 2018-03-15 
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